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A New Year
Posted by: Adam Fuson @ 2009.09.29.2222

Over a year has passed since the last posted article and many things have changed. Prior to the last written article Thomas Karzoumi, a doctoral student in the UC Medical Physics program, had passed. I met Thomas Karzoumi in the fall of 2005, and during the next few years I visited Karzoumi several times in Columbus. Ahmad Amoush and Katie Bartholomew accompanied me to Karzoumi's house. There was always food and tea at Karzoumi's house, and he introduced me to new foods such as dates and fattoush salad. I tried some pasta salad and went canoeing in the fast flowing river behind Karzoumi's house. I was inspired by Karzoumi's energy and confidence, and he encouraged me in my studies and work.

From the spring to the fall Katie and I probably moved a dozen van loads of yard debris from decavirate. Mom planted flowers all around the house, while I trimmed branches, cut down bushes and killed bees. Brad mowed the lawn as usual, and Katie and I unloaded the brush. During the spring and summer Katie and I unloaded the brush at the farm, but in the fall Anderson Township setup a debris collection station behind the firehouse, where I dumped half a dozen loads of brush. Anderson Township had setup a yard waste collection station in response to the massive amount of yard debris created by the September 2008 windstorm. The windstorm left the city without power for days.

As the summer progressed the role I had taken in UC cycling club was minimized. UC cycling attended Superweek with its largest group ever, of which I was a part, but I did not go to St Louis for the Gateway Cup. I had promised Reser that I would run the communication wires for the new bike shop and that role became critical near Labor Day weekend. So Katie and I pulled wire for most of the weekend. To both our disappointments we were also not present for the fireworks in Cincinnati. As the year progressed I spent less time cycling and more time sailing. Allen Morris most commonly sailed with me at East Fork Lake or the Ohio River, but The Bull, Winnie and Katie came, as well. Despite having not arranged a sailing outage in 2009, perhaps we will make a late year breakthrough after the Gateway Cup.

Katie graduated from Xavier University in May 2008 and returned home to Cleveland shortly afterward. After her graduation from XU and her sister's graduation from high school, she and her family vacationed in Hawai'i. Returning from Hawai'i Katie began intensely looking for a job and found at least 3 in the Cincinnati area. For several weeks she would visit the city and interview with a different employer, but in late July she was offered a position with a lab at UC which researches HCV and HIV/HCV coinfection.. After accepting the position at UC she began looking for housing and I helped in moving her to Cincinnati with the Astrovan. Eventually she moved into an apartment in the Oakley area. Katie's Corolla spends most of its time in her apartment's garage, while she takes the bus to work and walks to Kroger.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 Bremer called me to let me know that he would not be coming to the evening ride, as he was in the hospital with his wife, Mandy. She was giving birth to their first child and daughter, Lorelai Bremer. The preceding December Mrs Buskey, Paul Wright's wife, had given birth to their first child and daughter, as well. But even before that Kim Fuson had given birth to their first child and daughter, Kiera Cassidy McVay Fuson.

Last October an Exelon HR representative contacted me and after a phone conversation I was scheduled for interview with the reactor engineering manager at Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station. Within a week I had accepted an offer to work in the reactor engineering group and began looking for a place to live near the station. November 17, 2008 I began work. Since my start I have enjoyed many days of training, and I am looking forward to being able to contribute to the work at the station.

I moved to Braidwood, Illinois about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, but despite the move Will Yokel and I had planned a trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado to move some furniture for one of his friends. The van had been loaded before Thanksgiving in preparation for the drive and late on Thanksgiving Day Will and I began our drive to Colorado by heading to Braidwood. Will drove his Protege and I drove the Astrovan until we arrived at my apartment, where he parked his car and joined me in the Astrovan. We then continued across Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. In west Nebraska we departed the interstate to investigate some interesting roads and a nearby hydro-electric dam. Approaching Colorado we heard a slight screeching noise above all the other wind noise of the van and shortly afterwards the van began overheating, losing voltage and losing power steering. I made some quick phone calls, while Will drove and we found our way to the nearest Autozone in Ft Collins, Colorado. An idler pulley's bearing had died in the Astrovan, but with the amazing help of some locals a shorter serpentine belt was fitted to the van and we were on our way again.

Later that night we delivered the furniture after driving through a bit of snow en route to Colorado Springs. The following day, Saturday, we ascended Pike's Peak by cog-train as far as weather would permit and then departed Colorado Springs for Braidwood. We stopped by a local auto parts store for an extra belt and pulley, "just in case," but it has not since been necessary. Will and I shared the driving across Colorado, Kansas and Missouri, and though it was cold and snowy we drove straight through except for a short stop at a rest area east of Saint Louis. Afterwards we drove the remaining few hours back to Braidwood, where Will then departed in his own vehicle for Cincinnati.

This spring I bought a used car, a 1997 BMW 328. Though I only spent a few thousand dollars, I was nervous about the vehicle after I purchased it. I have felt so comfortable with the Acura, that anything else was unsettling. After registering the car, I immediately posted it for sale. In the meantime, a few items needed repair. While repairs were being made, nearly a dozen people emailed me about the car. I concluded I had actually found a good deal, and I continue to drive the vehicle. I am feeling more comfortable with the BMW and have already driven over 12000 miles in it.

Also, I did finally graduate.


charlie @ 2009.09.30 2105
  Is this one Decavirate update or ten?

john Q oortcloud @ 2009.10.01 2224
  Glorious! Decavirate is alive and well.

Jim @ 2009.10.05 1555
  I said to myself, "why are you checking Decavirate again, you're just going to be disappointed." But this time, my wild hopes were realized! Decavirate is BACK baby.

Fuse @ 2009.10.20 0955
  I was talking to Katie this morning about Windows vs OS X, and I asked about Ubuntu, and Katie says, "to me, in my mind, linux is to replace a crappy windows machine"

Fuse @ 2009.10.23 0825

Godzulla @ 2009.11.09 1951
  Finally, I've been hitting refreshing and flipping on/off light for a yr straight now. I finally have a reason to live again

Me @ 2009.11.10 1932
  Quite the update. You forgot to mention that I technically beat you in finishing the requirements for my PhD before you finished your Master's...

Fuse @ 2009.11.12 0742
  Thats a good suggestion, as I need content for other articles...

Dan Fuson @ 2009.11.18 1537
  Did you have a brain fart and this was the result? What a posting!

waiting @ 2009.12.08 1809
  Is Decavirate building up for another yearly update in a year already?

Ned @ 2009.12.17 1055
  I didn't read the annual synopsis except for the last sentence. Congrats to the Fuse.

Ned @ 2010.01.26 0856
  Brad mowed the lawn as usual, and Katie and I unloaded the brush. Also, I did finally graduate. During the spring and summer Katie and I unloaded the brush at the farm, but in the fall Anderson Township setup a debris collection station behind the firehouse, where I dumped half a dozen loads of brush.

Ned @ 2010.02.22 2231

Fuse @ 2010.03.19 1557
  Steam Tables!

Fuse @ 2010.04.07 1122

Fuse @ 2010.06.14 1416

Katie @ 2010.07.23 2320 Follow the link and click "stream episode" and start listening around 28:00 to hear an interesting story about the State Secrets Privilege ... makes you think about events that set precedents in our legal system.

Fuse @ 2010.09.08 2232
  Fort Gay

Bremer @ 2010.09.15 1620
  Fuse, are you going to manage to squeeze in an article before a full 365 day goes by?

Fuse @ 2010.10.05 1712
  From Ruzic!

Ned @ 2011.01.03 0923
  Happy New year 2011!

Katie @ 2011.03.12 1651
  Read this! An intelligent article in the sea of lousy articles.

Fuse @ 2011.07.25 1826

Nieport @ 2011.09.18 1517
  Where o where has Decavirate gone? Surely the Fuse has some sort of grand adventure in the last two years.


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