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St Joe's Spring Concert
Posted by: Adam Fuson @ 2008.06.03.0000

A few months ago Katie's high school music director, Mr Janson, asked her to play in his spring orchestra concerts and he invited me, as well. So about a month ago Katie and I packed the astro van with violins and some large items from her dorm and headed to Cleveland. We arrived in Brunswick Sunday morning about 11am, where we picked up her sister, Christine, and drove to West 25th street and St Ignatius. Unfortunately, Katie had an unknown ear infection and an upset stomach and puked a few times before getting to the school. There we found the St Joseph Academy girls orchestra rehearsing for a Sunday evening concert with the St Ignatius boys. There was a women's choir, a men's choir, a freshman boy's choir, various solo and ensemble vocal groups, a bell choir, St Ignatius jazz band and the St Joseph orchestra. Since the St Joseph orchestra is mainly composed of flute and clarinets the director had asked Katie and I to play our violins to help balance the group.

After finding the one of three gymnasiums where the groups were rehearsing, we spent an hour or so rehearsing with them before having dinner with them in their cafeteria and then playing their concert. We played a Leroy Anderson piece, some Holst and a hymn combining all the groups. Afterwards Katie and I returned to Cincinnati arriving about midnight.

A few weeks later Katie and I again returned to Brunswick and then to St Joseph Academy to rehearse with the orchestra on a Tuesday and play a spring concert with them on Thursday. After the Tuesday evening rehearsal we volunteered to help the strings during the following day. So Katie and I woke early and arrived at St Joe's for rehearsal. Katie was completely in control of the sessions, and we played for over an hour before leaving for lunch. That Wednesday evening we had another full orchestra rehearsal before the concert the next day. Thursday morning before the concert Katie and I went for a bicycle ride on the local metro park trails. Katie had some issues with her seat and we had limited time, as we had to drive her dad to get the car from the mechanic, so we only rode a short distance, but it was nice to get outside. When we returned to Katie's house I realized that I had forgotten to bring a dress shirt. Fortunately Katie's dad had a shirt from long ago that still managed to fit me. So we dressed and finally made our way to St Joe's for the spring concert, which included the orchestra, some solos and the bell choir. After the concert Katie and I spent one last night in Brunswick before returning to Cincinnati, where her graduation festivities awaited.


mb @ 2008.06.04 1133
  Not to be off topic, but isn't that what decavirate is for?

? @ 2008.06.10 1632
  Can anyone build me one of these for 2x 20 horspower and 1x 15 horsepower motors with a 6:1 initial torque ?? I'll give you $100

charlie @ 2008.06.10 2107
  There used to be something very similar at my grandpa's house (for his 3-phase air compressor). I also used to help him build them to sell to machine shops and such.

I'm pretty sure there is more than $100 worth of parts in there...

Fuse @ 2008.06.11 0145

john @ 2008.06.18 0620
  some asshat just landed in Ohio.

Nieport @ 2008.06.18 1519
  For those of you who want to keep track of my Belgian adventure, please visit

Katie @ 2008.06.30 1537 Sailing on the America II in Maui - yes, that's me on the port side of the boat getting nailed by all the huge waves!

cyclingnews @ 2008.07.03 2133 pista elite? 7th grade?

Fuse @ 2008.07.05 0003
  Is anyone serious about addressing the problem of limited energy supplies? speed limits and unplugging cell phone chargers?

  • What about how we heat our homes?
  • What about how we transport products & ourselves?
  • What about the world's largest petroleum purchaser?
  • What about ...?

  • How do you waste energy?
    How do you save energy?

    Katie @ 2008.07.06 2107
    I'd like to see your pictures from Ault Park (or any other new ones, for that matter. Is your picture gallery at another location other than

    Also, John Adams, when are we going to be able to see your Tour of California pictures??

    Ned @ 2008.07.07 2014
      I cant believe I beat John to the punchline!DeLorean DMC-12

    John adams @ 2008.07.10 1721
      Yeah, I saw that they were refurbing them awhile ago. if you scroll down and read the part about the ipod interface and the mention to the "Stainless Style" album, That is Bryan Hollon, we stayed with Bryan and Jeremiah on the winter cycling trip.

    charlie @ 2008.07.10 2140
      Katie- I hope to start getting pics up again sometime soon.

    Adam- I find it pretty funny that you mention that people should be unplugging cell phone chargers to save energy, given how many computers you have running in your basement doing virtually nothing except wasting energy.

    Fuse @ 2008.07.12 0201
      The point was that its a small amount of energy, that it doesn't make much difference. Speed limits and cell phone chargers won't change the world. People will speed anyway and SUVs will still be on the road chugging away.

    How we heat our homes - whether the systems are programmed and only heat the occupants when they are there and additionally what fuel heats the space, that has a huge impact on our energy usage. Buildings consume more energy than vehicles anyway.

    How we transport ourselves - mass trans or high efficiency vs SUV/low efficiency. How we transport products - trains vs trucks or worse. These decisions also have a huge impact on our energy consumption. Also in this time of globalization, transporting raw materials to far flung locations of cheap labor and minimal environmental standards such as iron ore to China to make steel (an example I have used often) starts to make less sense now that shipping fuel costs so much.

    The world's largest petroleum purchaser I was talking about is the US military. Do we really need to be as broad and thinly stretched as we currently are? Obviously, this is more of a political troll than an energy one, but they are related...

    Finally, does anyone have any new ideas?

    Nieport @ 2008.07.16 0234
      From my experience in Belgium and Amsterdam (I am currently typing this from the Red Light District), people need to get towny bikes. They should have racks so people can do small weekly tasks such as grocery shoping, hit up their local food establishment, or a wide range of tasks that I didn't mention.

    Fuse @ 2008.07.16 2344
      An article from about economic policy

    typical? @ 2008.07.17 1437

    bremer @ 2008.07.18 1118
      "Politicians never accuse you of "greed" for wanting other people's money -- only for wanting to keep your own money." - Joseph Sobran

    xkcd @ 2008.07.18 1757


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