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Superweek 2007
Posted by: Katie Bartholomew @ 2007.08.08.0114

The evening of July 25 marked the beginning of a long journey toward Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 3 days of cycling and fun as part of Superweek 2007. Adam and I began preparations for leaving around 4 pm, picking up the rental van and packing it up before picking up Aaron Hoffman, who was making his first appearance at Superweek, as well as the Captain (and his many snacks) from the farm in Patriot, Indiana (or was that Liberty ... ?). We completed the journey to Milwaukee around 3 am when we arrived at the house of my friend and roommate, Katy Murphy. After a much-anticipated sleep and a nice breakfast, we headed off to Sheboygan, WI for our first day of racing and picture-taking.

Being that this was Aaron's first trip to Superweek and he had recently upgraded to cat 3, he was a bit nervous for his first race, but he proved that he was up for the challenge as he easily finished the race at Sheboygan (a pretty solid 24th out of 37), enjoying a warm and sunny ride and avoiding the rain showers that hit before and after his race. It got significantly cooler and the rain clouds moved in as Adam geared up for the pro/1/2 race, and the rain began soon into the race. The combination of a rainy, wet course and the quick pace caused Adam to drop about a third of the way through, and we quickly packed up the van before it really started pouring.

Following the Sheboygan races, we had the most stupendous restaurant experience of all time at a place called The Forum, which was near Katy's house. We were thrilled to find a place so late at night that was not only still open, but advertised pasta as a food choice - and we eagerly went in. We completely railroaded our poor waitress and bombarded her with questions and requests for water refills - but the kicker was when Aaron requested pasta with a sauce that did not contain meat - a marinara sauce would have been delightful - however, our waitress did not really understand what was going on and continually brought him "marinara" sauce, which was coincidentally the same sauce as Adam's meat sauce, hmm. He ended up eating pasta topped with Italian dressing and tomato pieces, which he had to cut up himself. We were all very anxious to leave, and in our haste completely forgot to tip our poor waitress who was very cordial to us despite us being the nightmare table of the night. Yikes.

The second day of racing was in Kenosha, which was a town that was definitely geared up to host the Superweek race - the carnival-like atmosphere made it very enjoyable for the spectators and the riders alike. Adam and I took advantage of the town's proximity to Lake Michigan as well as the gorgeous weather that day as we walked the 3 blocks to the lake and enjoyed some time there, making sure to take plenty of pictures. We made it back to Aaron's race in time to take many more pictures of him living the dream as he again was tearing up the field. Unfortunately, he crashed within sight of the finish on the very last lap, scraping up his elbows and his backside pretty well. We tended to his injuries as he moaned and groaned and Adam got ready for his race, and unfortunately he was again dropped about a third of the way through. The best part, though, was that this one guy had been giving out cold beers to riders who had finished the cat 3 race earlier in the day and who were dropped from the pro/1/2 race, and he eagerly tried handing Adam a beer as he rode slowly by at the end of his ride and was thrilled when he saw Adam turning around, not realizing that he was just heading back in the direction of the car, thinking that this rider was coming back for a beer. Just think - spectators yelling and cheering the ENTIRE time and EXCITED to give out free, cold beer to riders. And why is it that nobody else came to Superweek?

After enjoying some time at the hotel pool the night before (and completely ignoring the "no open cuts" rule) as well as some delicious ice cream, we set off the next morning for the cat 3 race at Brewer's Hill and the pro race on Downer Avenue. We were again greeted with beautiful weather and Adam and I took a bike ride from Brewer's Hill to Downer, enjoying the very bike-friendly city of Milwaukee - all the bike lanes were super! We came back and took many more pictures of Aaron finishing his third race at Superweek. After chatting it up with some workers who were remodeling a house nearby, Aaron hosed off and we finally found a Culver's, much to the Captain's delight. With full stomachs we headed to Downer, which was by far the most exciting race that we went to. The place was packed and noisy, and whether or not people knew anything about racing or what was going on, they were cheering. It was "fantabulous". I met up with my friend Katy and another one of her friends and we enjoyed the atmosphere of the evening - it was just incredible. The pace of this ride seemed to be even quicker than at Kenosha, when the consistent squealing of tires from the pace car as it rounded turns was an indicator of the quickness of that race. After Katy left, I made friends with a handful of people who were enjoying a party at a friend's house which was located at the last turn of the race. I was able to explain some things about the race to them and got them to cheer for Adam for the last third of the race - it was the best company I had had at the races, despite one woman thinking that I was not yet old enough to drive, yikes. Our excitement grew as we realized that Adam was going to finish Downer, and the excitement peaked when he not only finished but beat a racer we nicknamed Gigantor, who was at least 6'5" and ... gigantic.

All in all, Superweek was a huge success. Aaron finished 3 races, Adam finished Downer for the first time and beat Gigantor, the Captain got his Culver's, and I managed to snap over 4 GB of pictures, living up to my title of "The Photographer". I hope that more of you will make it to Superweek next year and that I might be able to hop in some races eventually, once I get myself a racing bike cough-Reser-cough.


bremer @ 2007.08.08 0810
  bull is not going to like this

will @ 2007.08.08 1117
  im looking into tickets for labor day in st. louis - when are the races??

Fuse @ 2007.08.08 1257
  Aug 31 - Sep 3
Gateway Cup

bull @ 2007.08.08 1316
  ostensibly this is a long article. and I have on many occasions complained about decavirate's long articles, but this reads pretty quickly so I won't complain. And as I've been somewhat remiss lately in posting any of my own articles I don't feel right about complaining.

will @ 2007.08.08 1355
  are you doing all four races?

Fuse @ 2007.08.08 1453
  If we make it early enough Friday evening, then we will do all four races.

bremer @ 2007.08.08 1614
  We had better make it early enough on Friday.

john @ 2007.08.08 2245
  I'll try my best to be there. Will reser be attending?

ned @ 2007.08.09 1135
  I will likely be beginning my reign as a real estate tycoon. I have 2 closing dates on or before the 31st.

Fuse, someone drew extra flowers on my Barbie(tm) Keyboard.

Ned @ 2007.08.13 1753

For your pleasure

will @ 2007.08.14 1236
  now why can't decavirate get some passion like that.

charlie @ 2007.08.14 1852
  Tycoon, eh? Planning for your retirement?

Ned @ 2007.08.17 1038

Ned 0, Superstar

john @ 2007.08.17 1615
  this one is so much better!

will @ 2007.08.23 1751
  will is not going to make it to st. louis. but what's up with sailing across lake michigan?


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